Ghostbusters Dancing Toaster Animated Movie Prop Replica

Ghostbusters Dancing Toaster Animated Movie Prop Replica
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Product Description

You to can own your very own Ghostbusters dancing toaster animated movie prop replica!

Unit is controlled by a wired four switch push button controller and powered by a special sealed battery and can put on shows for hours upon hours at a time with just one charge.

It can hop nearly perfectly flat in the air, tilt side to side or front or back just like in the movie and best of all it looks extremely similar to the one in the movie.

We now have the ability to ad options to the prop like popping toast, mini fogger and fake burner wires that light up and simulate a burner in the dancing toaster actually glowing at an additional cost.

The prop in the video is the base model and the base model covers the movement. Base model has a seven foot cord from the control box to the dancing toaster.

Its an extremely simple prop to operate and swap out batteries.

Battery charger is not included in the cost of the prop however any RC or small 12v battery charger will work.

We will be posting a better quality video of the Ghostbuster dancing toaster prop very soon, we were so excited to share this with our customers and posted this middle ways completed project video. We will also be adding options as time permits over the next few weeks.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of nostalgic movie history and the ultimate Ghostbusters fan movie prop replica that is truly awesome.

Fellow Ghostbuster fans, Harold Ramis, best known for his role in the hit “Ghostbusters” films, died this past February 24th 2014 from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, he was 69. He was a creative genius and as funny as they come. From everyone here at the shop our sincere condolences to his family and friends.