Sometimes real ghost just dont show up when you need them to, until now.

Real ghost, spirits, apparitions and other phenomenon are not always the most convenient or reliable things, you just cant depend on them, until now.

Kentucky Special FX has the ability to give a helping hand in making sure your guest or ghost hunters get to see or experience some pretty cool stuff on demand to help keep you in business.

With complete anonymity your identity will never be revealed as we will never ask for detailed information not related to the project. We work on a need to know basis, we do a lot of work for big name magicians, were in the business of keeping secrets. When we show up to your site our vehicles will be unmarked and no employees will be in any type of marked uniform.

PLEASE NOTE: Also at no time under any exceptions will we release any names or info of previous or current customers. If you place a order with our REAL APPARITIONS AND UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON the only way we will ever reveal who we do work for is through a warrant / court order from federal law enforcement.

Contact us for more details of how we can help you let your guest be entertained with 100 percent completely undetectable surprises, we have yet to be caught.

Call us at 502-836-3125 from 11am - 1am EST seven days a week, if it's an emergency leave a message and we will call you back ASAP.

Below is a basic list of stuff that is just the beginning of what we can do for you, we understand that most situations are very unique and we can adapt to your needs no matter how crazy they may seem.


- Heat Trails and Signatures

- Orbs

- Sounds

- Equipment Disruptions

- Group Upset Stomachs and Irritability

- Aerial Sightings

- Opening and Closing items, door's, windows ECT...

- Power and Phone Failure

- 3D Appearing and Disappearing Apparitions

- Sudden Room Temp High & Lows

- Spirit, Medium, Fortune